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318                           LETTERS   FROM   THE

bed and Ion soir. A sweet little bird, that warbles
like a nightingale or a lark, roosts under our roof,
that is, directly over my mosquito-net; and the
sweet little fellow sings deliciously to me at the
early dawn.

There are many charming singing-birds here.
I was offered yesterday a cage of forty beautiful
little parrots, the prettiest thing imaginable. I
was tempted to buy them to send after a flock
of their fathers and mothers, chattering and flying
over their heads, but too high even to distinguish
their colours.

The other day I went out to see the officers
hunt deer. The animal is of a small size, and is
easily run down by the dogs of the country.

October nth, 1802.

So you have quitted our dulcia arva ! and
your removing to the penitus toto divisos rure Bri-
tamos, whilst I am gone to the Sitientes Afros,
makes you an exile like myself. To go on with
Melibaeus, I often say aloud and in my heart, " En,
unquam patrios longo post tempore fines, mea
regna mirabor ? " my trees, woods and walks ! I